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1st Call for proposals for ENPI CBC MED strategic projects. Priority Nº1: Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories (on Agro-food Sector)

Prepared by Abbas Ibrahim Zahreddine
Thematic Expert assigned by ENPI CBC MED Program 2007-2013


Agriculture, livestock and fisheries continue to play a key role and to occupy an essential place in the societies and economies of the Mediterranean. A whole series of questions are thus arising on the future of agro-food systems in the Mediterranean countries, which are becoming increasingly dependent on the changes in the global agro-food scene, and on the ways and means of strengthening Euro-Mediterranean co-operation through “agro-food policy”.

Needs assessment reveals the strategic role in the region for:

  • promoting socio-economic rural development and territorial enhancement in view to reach sustainable cooperation based on common challenges and opportunities, urging Government and Local Authorities to opt for Localized Agro-food Systems (SYAL) approach

  • increasing the role of the Cluster-Based Economic Approach (CBEA) in agro-food, capitalizing on successful management systems, techniques and technologies transfer to agro-food SMEs.

These two approaches bring about new ways of thinking about economic development, competition, and innovation in the Mediterranean. Coordinated strategies and actions aim at improving processes of planning territorial development and management at various levels (urban, rural, regional and the whole basin) and associating both public and private actors.

Moreover, specific customs, cuisines and food consumption habits that have evolved over the centuries in this region, the so-called Mediterranean Diet, are now considered by experts to be very healthy. Due to the rapid development of consumer behaviour, the globalisation of markets and economic and demographic parameters are together bringing about profound changes in food consumption patterns in Mediterranean countries. Significant changes in food consumption pattern are leading to a convergence of the Mediterranean area with the dominant model characterized by rapid progression of lipids and proteins and finally by a strong increase of the energy ration. This evolution is accompanied by an increased occurrence of food borne diseases (obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain cancers). It is suitable to act on the Food Consumption Model (FCM) to be closer to the optimal diet that prevailed still half a century ago in the Mediterranean and which has now largely disappeared.

The general objective of this strategic topic, namely the Implementation of strategic partnerships and projects in the agro-food sector towards sustainable economic development of Mediterranean countries and territories, will therefore be pursued through the following specific objectives:

  • Improving the decision making-process for local stakeholders in territorial planning and defining specific measures in favour of rural disadvantaged areas, based on the SYAL approach

  • Enhancement of CBEA capitalizing on successful management systems, appropriate techniques and technologies transfer to agro-food SMEs, taking into account the different national specificities, needs and development models

  • Increased awareness of the Mediterranean Diet, as an integral part of MED lifestyle and a vehicle for development, stability and solidarity in the Programme area

The following Table highlights, for each specific objective, the expected result(s) and key indicators:

Framework: Agrofood Sector


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