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    Agriculture and Rural Development

    • Networking & partnership
    • Business opportunities
    • Sustainable development agreements
    • Projects studies & development
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    Terms of reference of strategic call for proposals

    • High level expertise
    • Definition of policies and promotion of pilot initiatives
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    Master Study Program development

    • Curriculum design and development
    • Multicultural teaching environment
    • Master development and management
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    Media Literacy and (youth) intercultural Communication

    • New media and networking
    • Needs assessment
    • Programs and projects development
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    Arab Human development

    • Social movements and media
    • Knowledge-based society
    • Participatory governance
    • Development of new opportunities

About GK4D

GK4D is an Interdisciplinary group of professionals committed for dialogue, development, democracy and diversity. The challenges and changes in the Mediterranean and the Arab societies urge K4D to concentrate on the analysis and critics of the realities and phenomena of development in their global and local contexts and of the transformation in North-South and South-South relations while laying on theoretical knowledge and experience problems in community development.

Vision: Thinking globally, Acting Locally to attain sustainable development (socially permeable), environmental citizenship and good governance inside a knowledge-based society.

Mission: To organize a pedagogy and training, to carry out applied researches and actions, and to provide services and expertises, and to sensitize the various public.

Services in Policies Analysis and Research – Development Communication (COMDEV) - Environmental Education and Training – Community Development (K4D Community Equipment) – Science and Technology Transfer – Sustainable Trade and Innovation – Responsible Tourism Development – Agriculture and Rural Development – Emergencies Relief Support

Our Team is made of very experienced professionals in projects management, sustainable development and international cooperation, including training and coaching. We work to help communities´ sustainable development, particularly in the Mediterranean and Arab regions. We have the support of an international network of environmental and developmental partners and associates in all the destination countries, guaranteeing a quick diagnosis (assess and analyse the customer’s case) and setting-up processes (open communication channels with the different parties involved and propose different channels and means for setting-up), in addition to a permanent assistance and follow-up when needed.


Group Knowledge for Development
Abbas Ibrahim Zahreddine
Calle Sicilia 232, 4º-2ª
email: info@gk4d.eu

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