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    Agriculture and Rural Development

    • Networking & partnership
    • Business opportunities
    • Sustainable development agreements
    • Projects studies & development
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    Terms of reference of strategic call for proposals

    • High level expertise
    • Definition of policies and promotion of pilot initiatives
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    Master Study Program development

    • Curriculum design and development
    • Multicultural teaching environment
    • Master development and management
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    Media Literacy and (youth) intercultural Communication

    • New media and networking
    • Needs assessment
    • Programs and projects development
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    Arab Human development

    • Social movements and media
    • Knowledge-based society
    • Participatory governance
    • Development of new opportunities

GK4D Community equipment is the community development branch of GK4D. It provides services (software) and apparatus (hardware) to local governments, enterprises, communities and citizens across the spectrum of community development and sustainability.It represents a variety of social, environmental and economical domains:


  • Analysis and diagnosis of local communities

  • Organisation of Learning events and study visits

  • Education and training of adults and youth

  • Development of Social sports and diversity

  • Development of Awareness campaigns (tourism, biodiversity, water, energy, waste, resources, etc.)

  • Promotion of local Agenda 21 or similar participatory processes

  • Development of pedagogical materials and ICT


  • Projects development and civic equipment and technology supply for communities.

  • Projects development and children’s playgrounds supply

  • Projects development and leisure/sports installations supply

  • Projects planning and development (ex: traditional markets, civic centres, kinder gardens, youth hostels, 3rd age equipments, plant nurseries, botanical gardens, scientific park, observatory of science in society, Business centres, rural houses, typical Farm, internet for all, etc.)

It consists of developing local communities: Districts and municipalities, non-state actors, commercial centre, schools hospitals, airports, etc.. It offers Services, Expertise and Equipment for better environment and sustainable development socially permeable.

Destination21 is a socio-cultural tourism aiming at adult’s persons within small size interested group offering them exceptional various itineraries in the Mediterranean countries and territories


Group Knowledge for Development
Abbas Ibrahim Zahreddine
Calle Sicilia 232, 4º-2ª
email: info@gk4d.eu

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