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    Agriculture and Rural Development

    • Networking & partnership
    • Business opportunities
    • Sustainable development agreements
    • Projects studies & development
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    Terms of reference of strategic call for proposals

    • High level expertise
    • Definition of policies and promotion of pilot initiatives
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    Master Study Program development

    • Curriculum design and development
    • Multicultural teaching environment
    • Master development and management
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    Media Literacy and (youth) intercultural Communication

    • New media and networking
    • Needs assessment
    • Programs and projects development
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    Arab Human development

    • Social movements and media
    • Knowledge-based society
    • Participatory governance
    • Development of new opportunities



The Mediterranean Eco-operation Program (MEP) aims at developing national and regional Agriculture & Rural Development Initiatives (ARDI).

Living rural:

Living in rural areas, sustaining small farming and fisheries, Small and Medium size Enterprises and Cooperatives (SMEC), producing healthy and qualified food, conserving agro-biodiversity and traditional knowledge and values should be the heart of any national or regional policy.

A policy oriented towards the people and their fair trade and market access versus the protection of small group of companies, merely towards the protection of interests of Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) and the population either in developed or developing countries. ARD is the best safety net against rural poverty, land degradation, and poor economy, every country must have “ARD compact” with 3 components:

1- Defending the gains already made;

2- Extending the gains made into marginal areas;

3- Making new gains using agro-processing, sustainable trade agreements, diversification and certification, rural innovation and technology…

It is in the utmost needs to dispel misconceptions about SMEC in developing countries mainly the notion that “they could not produce because there is no accessibility and entry to markets, and there are no investments in farming and fisheries because there is no infrastructures”.

It is crucial that SMEC have access to rural finance, adequate and clean technologies and the productive assets.

ARD is more than money, it is a way of life, and it is all about community rights over biodiversity and indigenous knowledge, therefore food security could not be achieved if lands, water, education, health, energy, biodiversity are privatized.

It is necessary that governments need to safeguard traditional knowledge, intellectual property, best farming practices to ensure that local population has the rights to protect and control their territories (soil and seed) on their own terms.

ARDI beneficiaries:

ARDI direct beneficiaries are the Rural SMEC and Community Based Organizations. They are these rural engines operating at the doorstep of local communities, enabling the communities to make use of their environment to satisfy their technical, economic and socio-cultural needs through benefits and services. They are one of the main guarantees of democratic society and liberal fair economy.

ARDI regional areas of work:

- Rural infrastructures and energy supply transfer of technologies and innovation;

- Capacity building for the production, protection, processing and promotion of rural commodities ( a comprehensive program);

-- Rural health and education;

--- Micro-finances and enterprises facilities in rural sectors;

-- Monitoring and control of agricultural agreements;

- Conservation of Mediterranean agro biodiversity, traditional knowledge and values. Mediterranean Agro-biodiversity Campaign and NORIA project

- Certification and standardization knowledge

Comprehensive Program:

ardi Regional Market Matters: Policy analysis, institutional development and capacity building (The case of Mashrek agriculture).

abbas.ibrahim@e-campus.uab.cat or msda.ardi@gmail.com



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