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Right to know to react for changes” started in 2001 in response to the increasing demand on anti-corruption assistance in the Mediterranean and Arab regions. It was a support agent in the concrete case Nº OF/2002/0284, and the progress made through the past Euro-Mediterranean anti-corruption activity in the 3rd sector activities. It contributed in creating a turning point in cooperation and communication for development as regards the financing and co-financing at the European Commission and the Union for the Mediterranean.

More than 10.000 cases of irregularities were reported to OLAF in 2010. It aims at stressing on the need to call the Major Groups in the Mediterranean and the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly for the creation of the Euro-Mediterranean Antifraud Office.

United for the Mediterranean, Silence is their impunity. Join the campaign, and make a difference, a collective move to aware the Mediterranean people. Let us join forces to group the good and bad practices and to build the Mediterranean Early Warning System in order to spot irregularities and operation of fraud.

Main activities:

1. Elaboration of curriculum and training sessions for Media Agents and Agents of changes focusing on "Green/environmental and red/corruption common conflicts and tragedies" innovating for new forms to inform about the Mediterranean eco-region and good governance. The aim is to bring back these issues and the relative situations and analysis to the front pages of the national and regional media and communities.

2. Establishment of a Digital Community to create a Euro Mediterranean Media Network tackling The Barcelona Convention (Mediterranean Action Plan) and The Barcelona Process (Union for the Mediterranean and EMP). This Network will have the role to encourage journalists and knowledge activist as active stakeholders in sustainable economic development and governance in collaboration with other organizations.

3. Communication and Public Awareness activities. The objective is to carry out a perspective assessment and provide recommendations for the formulation of an Information and Communication Strategy for the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM – Barcelona).

4. Regional campaign: The objective is "stakeholders' accountability, transparency and responsiveness". A campaign on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in sustainable development matters. A Regional campaign linking environmental rights and human rights; establishing sustainable development that can be achieved only through the involvement of all stakeholders; and linking Government accountability with environmental protection; and focusing on interactions between private and public authorities in a democratic context.


Group Knowledge for Development
Abbas Ibrahim Zahreddine
Calle Sicilia 232, 4º-2ª
email: info@gk4d.eu

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